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PelvEx Collaborative is an international collaborative group involving over 140 units across five continents with the aim to examine outcomes for patients who have had pelvic exenterative surgery.


Its objective is to collect on a multi-institutional basis the most significant data relating to patients demographics disease characteristics, treatment methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or combined treatments).


The main purpose is to analyse prospectively on a large scale the results of patients undergoing pelvic exenteration so as to help define guidelines to optimise patient protocols and treatment strategies. In addition this will provide important information on surgical outcomes and survival.


PelvEx survey is open to all centres across the world. Any hospital centre experienced in pelvic exenterative surgery can participate; there is no selection criteria related to prior surgical experience or to the size of the centre.


  • Once you have been delivered your personal identifiers, user name and password: you may login by entering them using the login/sign up button in the top menu header

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